If Your Stalker Ever Tries to Frame You…


One of the common ploys a stalker will use with their victims is to play a smoke-and-mirrors game. A harasser often will make false and unfound claims against people (even going so far as complaints against the police) – all in a ruse to get the attention focused off of them, and any suspicions onto the victim.

They may even try to frame you for something you never did or go as far as making false police claims that you are the one who is stalking them! The possibilities are endless.
Since a criminal will try anything to take the focus off of them as a possible suspect, be armed with evidence and ready to fight back if this happens to you. Eventually, once the truth emerges, the criminal harasser is brought down and their allegations crumble.

Read through a few examples from the news reports below. Stalkers and harassers can get pretty creative and desperate when the stakes are high and the heat is on them…
A stalker’s plan to land a love rival in jail has backfired, resulting in a prison term for the stalker, although his rival was initially arrested for child porn offences.
A Basildon court heard that Ilkka Karttunen, 48, successfully broke into the Essex home of the object of his affection and downloaded child porn before taking the hard drive and sending it into the police with a note identifying the owner. The ruse was designed to get the husband of a co-worker Karttunen fancied arrested on child porn charges, clearing obstacles towards a possible relationship, at least by Karttunen’s thinking.
The man was arrested, and subsequently prohibited from visiting his home or seeing his children The Times reports. However, police were more thorough in their subsequent investigation than Karttunen would have liked. Suspicions over how the hard drive was sent to the police together with other factors fingered Karttunen as a suspect. Evidence from the computer suggested the Finn had broken into the family’s home multiple times, taking pictures of a family calendar that showed when the husband would be at work.
A raid on Karttunen’s home turned up a computer containing pictures and credit card details harvested from the family computer of the victim of the frame-up, who cannot be named for legal reasons. Forensics tests on the machine, which was hidden in Karttunen’s garden shed, resulted in charges of harassment, perverting the course of justice and making indecent images of children against the Finn.
Karttunen denied all the charges but was convicted by a jury at Basildon Crown Court. The 48-year-old was jailed for four and a half years last week, given a restraining order and ordered to sign the sex offender’s register after his release.
LONDON – A British taxi driver accused of being the “Night Stalker” rapist questioned why police were bothering to take his fingerprints, telling an officer: “I always wear gloves,” a court heard.
Delroy Grant, 53, also tried to frame his own son when he was finally arrested on suspicion of preying on vulnerable elderly women and men for 17 years, a jury was told.
His fingerprints were never found at the scenes of a series of burglaries – many accompanied by sexual assaults – he allegedly carried out across south London, the court heard.
Grant refused to comment on the crimes when he was arrested, but allegedly made an apparent admission when his details were being registered.
“At the police station the defendant’s fingerprints were taken,” prosecutor Jonathan Laidlaw QC said.
“The officer told him, ‘I am making sure I get ink all over your hands and get a good print from you.’
“To which the defendant replied: ‘I don’t know why you’re bothering, I always wear gloves.’
“That indeed was the position. He was almost always wearing gloves and none of his fingerprints were recovered from any of the scenes of these burglaries.”
Police found a black glove near the home of an 84-year-old widow burgled by Grant in September 2004, the prosecutor said.
The glove contained a mixture of DNA from both the minicab driver and a woman called Barbara Stocks with whom he was having a relationship, the court heard.
Grant allegedly attempted to pin the blame for the burglaries and “humiliating and degrading sexual assaults” on his son while he was being held by police.
When an officer came to his cell to give him some deodorant, Grant appeared agitated and allegedly said: “I do not want to fit anyone up.”
Asked what he meant, he is said to have told the officer: “Have you thought about my son, Delroy Jr.?”
The court heard that Grant added: “He lives in the right area and he is the same height as me.”
Grant was arrested early in November 2009 after a police surveillance team watched him running away from the home of a wheelchair-bound 86-year-old widow, the court heard.
For an unknown reason he had abandoned his attempt to break into the elderly woman’s house, the jury was told.
Officers tailed his car from the scene and stopped him just after midnight.
Asked why he was out that night, Grant claimed he had been trying to buy cannabis.
But a search of his pockets and his car revealed a torch, crowbar, blue cagoule, fleece and woolly hat linked to burglaries allegedly carried out by the sexual predator known as the “Night Stalker,” the court heard.
He was wearing two pairs of jeans, two pairs of boxer shorts, three T-shirts and a pair of shoes without socks.
“He plainly was wearing a number of garments that could be removed and replaced,” Laidlaw said.
The court also heard more details about Grant’s alleged campaign of carefully planned attacks against women and men in their 80s.
He burgled and sexually assaulted an 88-year-old man before telling his victim, “We’re still good friends,” the jury was told.
The elderly victim feared he would be killed and “prayed for a quick death” when the taxi driver broke into his house in August 2009 and made him undress, the prosecutor said.
Instead, Grant allegedly indecently assaulted him and stole about $100 in cash and his bank card.
“On his way out,” Laidlaw said, “he touched the victim on the shoulder and said, ‘we’re still good friends.'”
Over the years the alleged rapist became forensically aware and took more trouble to avoid being caught, the court heard.
In March 2003, Grant burgled a 78-year-old widow living in south London, then carefully wiped her hands with a cloth before leaving, the jury was told.
But despite Grant’s efforts, police managed to obtain a match for his DNA profile from his alleged victim’s fingernails, the prosecutor said.
Grant denies 29 charges relating to burglaries, attempted burglaries, rapes and indecent assaults against 18 pensioners between October 1992 and November 2009.
There is more! He also tries to frame his ex-wife….!!
THE former wife of a sex attacker dubbed the “Night Stalker” has denied that she is the architect of a campaign to incriminate him, a court heard today.
Minicab driver Delroy Grant, 53, subjected his victims to “humiliating and degrading” sexual assaults” after breaking into their homes late at night, jurors have been told.
But Grant denies the charges and instead claims his ex-wife Janet Watson collected and stored samples of his body fluid – including his semen and spit – in a plot against him.
Ms Watson took the stand today and told jurors her former husband’s allegations were “unbelievable”.
She said: “I don’t know what he is talking about. He needs help.”
Ms Watson described her joy at marrying Grant in October 1975.
She told jurors at Woolwich Crown Court: “I was very happy. To me I had found my Prince Charming so that me even better.”
By 1979, however, the relationship had soured and the couple separated.
Grant’s allegations were first put to Ms Watson earlier this year on January 11.
Reacting to his claim that she had launched a campaign to frame him, she said: “I was speechless. I was amazed. It was unbelievable he could even consider that.
“I had no understanding of DNA.”
Ms Watson said she had no need to attempt to incriminate Grant because she was getting on with her life, the court heard.
She added: “What campaign against him? I am in no campaign against him whatsoever.
“I left him, I ran away and I had nothing to do with him.
“I don’t know what he is talking about. He needs help.”
Grant, of Brockley Mews, Brockley, is accused of targeting elderly people in a campaign of burglaries between 1992 and 2009.
The alleged attacks took place in Shirley, Addiscombe, Thornton Heath, South Croydon, Coulsdon, Warlingham, Orpington, Bromley, Beckenham, and West Dulwich.
Grant denies a total of 29 charges – three rapes, one attempted rape, six indecent assaults, one sexual assault, 16 burglaries and two attempted burglaries.
The trial continues
Accused Stalker Says Victim Framed Her
Paula Nawrocki, the Monroe County teacher accused of menacing a colleague with a butchered Barbie doll and obscenity-filled letters, yesterday testified that the alleged victim orchestrated the bizarre stalking incidents herself.
Looking more like a prim elementary school teacher than the calculating psychotic described by prosecutors, Nawrocki, 43, calmly told a Monroe jury that JoAnne Chambers wrote the threatening letters to herself.
The defense has maintained that Chambers, 45, a Pocono Mountain School District reading specialist, tried to frame her fellow teacher because Nawrocki hadn’t pandered to her like other teachers.
Speaking softly and concisely in measured words, Nawrocki told the seven women and five men on the jury that she thought she and Chambers had a cordial relationship.
Shortly after Chambers arrived at Coolbaugh Learning Center in 1989, Nawrocki testified, she and Chambers found they had something in common: their sons were about the same age.
When she learned from Chief Anthony D. Fluegel of the Coolbaugh Township Police Department in May 1994 that she was a suspect in a stalking case, Nawrocki said she was shocked.
“I couldn’t believe that I was sitting there hearing what I was hearing,” Nawrocki said during nearly two hours of testimony yesterday in a capacity-filled Stroudsburg courtroom.
Her remarks were preceded by testimony from three teachers who said Chambers in the early 1980s accused teachers in another school district of threatening to burn down her home.
The teachers described Chambers’ time in the Lackawanna Trail School District near Scranton as a tumultuous era.
Jane Pardue, who worked with Chambers at a Lackawanna Trail district elementary school, remembered receiving a memo from the schools superintendent one day telling teachers to report to the library. Once there, she said, the six other teachers in the small school were told that Chambers had received harassing phone calls and threats that her house would be burned.
“It is someone sitting in this room,” Pardue remembered the superintendent saying in an accusatory tone.
“She carried tales that weren’t true to the superintendent, and she tried to get us in trouble,” said Pardue, a 22-year Lackawanna Trail elementary teacher who admitted yesterday she wants to be as far away from Chambers as possible.
Lackawanna Trail teacher Lois Renda said Chambers was known for her tales. Chambers, she testified, told teachers that she broke her leg jumping from a window to escape a fire at Marywood College, where she was studying to be a nun.
But Renda said Chambers also told another story about jumping from a Marywood window to escape from the nuns who wanted to force her to remain in the convent.
Before Chambers had arrived in the district, Renda testified, the elementary school “had been a harmonious building.”
Defense lawyer Phil Lauer of Easton said Chambers had complained at least 16 times previously to authorities regarding anonymous threats.
Nawrocki’s testimony was followed by statements from several fellow teachers and friends, who described Nawrocki as honest, peaceful and law-abiding.
Nawrocki, of Moscow, Lackawanna County, remains on unpaid leave from the school district for which she had worked for 21 years.
She called the charges against her “totally ridiculous and absurd.”
Nawrocki, a slight woman with short brown hair, said she became angry with Chambers only after learning she was responsible for Nawrocki’s eventual transfer to the district intermediate school in 1994.
“Someday, I’ll be able to gloat when everyone finds out it’s not me,” Nawrocki remembers telling a friend about the charges. “Someday, I’ll have my day.”
Courtroom observers, who labeled Nawrocki “believable” and often nodded their heads during her testimony, could be heard whispering that day was yesterday. Jurors are expected to make the final decision tomorrow when Common Pleas Court resumes.
Nawrocki’s bearded husband, Leonard, also was encouraged by her testimony, hugging her and planting a soft kiss on her left cheek as she returned to her chair next to Lauer.
Prosecutors have charged Nawrocki with more than 100 counts of stalking and threatening Chambers over 18 months between late 1993 and early last year. If convicted of the misdemeanor charges, she faces up to five years in prison.
The prosecution charged that in addition to sending vicious letters and a Barbie doll with a razor blade lodged in its plastic throat, Nawrocki smeared Chambers’ classroom chair with feces, ran her car off I-380, taped a razorblade to her car door handle and superimposed a picture of her face over nude photographs. Prosecutors say Nawrocki was jealous over Chambers’ popularity.
Nawrocki denied any role in the incidents.
“You think JoAnne is writing letters to herself, don’t you?” asked county Assistant District Attorney Mike Ryan during a rapid-fire cross-examination.
“Yes,” she replied.
The sensational aspects of the case prompted many area residents — some who had never seen the inside of a courtroom — to attend the trial.
Dick McNally of Stroud Township, who had seen only one trial in five years, has watched all five days of testimony in the well-publicized stalking trial.
“Haven’t missed a minute yet,” said the retired McNally, who is becoming a familiar sight in the back row of soft green high-backed court seats.
“The fact that they both worked in the same building, both of them professionals relatively close in age — I think it has a lot of intriguing aspects.”


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