Fly Like an Eagle… Even When Surrounded by Turkeys


If you are pondering why perhaps someone in your life (such as a stalker or psychopath) acts the way they do, you may discover more about them by examining eagles and turkeys. Yes – birds.
You can choose to be like an eagle; fly high and be safe from any predator or threat.
Or, you can choose to hang with gobble gobblers – pecking around, settling for scrubs, and ultimately be stuffed at Thanksgiving – and devoured.
These two birds of the animal kingdom are obviously very different in their breed. Eagles let the winds of a storm carry them higher than they can go on their own.
Turkey’s never really get off the ground or go anywhere.
The eagle is the “king of birds”; their great size, remarkable power of flight, and keenness of vision is what makes them powerful.
The Eagle also builds his home to heights where no other predator can reach them. They have a great strength and can kill small (and medium sized) mammals, large birds, big fish, etc.
Known to be an intelligent bird, eagles are considered majestic, courageous, and soar above their challenges.
In a storm, an eagle will leave the security of its nest and spread its wings to ride the air currents of the approaching storm. They instinctively know that the air currents of a storm will carry it higher in the sky than if they stay on the ground. And they don’t get tired when they soar because the winds carry them, naturally. To soar and not have to work at flying is incredible! Oh what a feeling it is to live the easy life.
Eagles never flock together. When you look for an eagle you usually will look for them one at a time, and up high. They fly at such heights, that when they have a bird’s eye view of the world, they can see clearly that the turkey pen is only a small speck on earth, where the insignificant, cooped up gobble gobblers live.
Turkeys, on the other hand, are considered to be bird-brained. They are clearly not as intelligent as the eagle and in many cases will peck each other to death if they don’t receive proper attention. Turkeys can be downright mean at times.
They are not so sharp, so they can drown in something as insignificant as a rain storm. They hear a thunderstorm and look up to the sky with their mouths open – after swallowing too much water, they eventually drown.
A turkey will hide during a storm and would never leave a barn when a storm hits. They stay cooped up and wait for the storm to pass. Frightened, not knowing what will hit them next. They can’t see or anticipate what is coming.
Turkeys waddle and are bound by their weight. They never fly so they don’t get much exercise, which makes them even more lazy and slow-moving. The only thing a turkey is good for is eating.
They spend a lot of time scratching around in little vicious circles, going nowhere. This makes them vulnerable and scatterbrained.
Turkeys are victims in the animal kingdom – preyed upon, slaughtered and eventually devoured by man or another animal. They really have no purpose on earth other than to be food.
On a metaphorical level, when relating these two breeds of birds to humans, an eagle usually refers to the high achievers – those who are positive, motivated, successful, and overcome obstacles. Often, they are people who are self-sufficient, sharp, and whom others feel honoured and appreciated by when in their presence.
Turkeys are those types that are negative, downers, cannot think for themselves, and only hang with other turkeys (or chickens). Opposite to thinking like an individual, acting on their own, turkeys do what every other turkey does – follow the heard mentality.
Turkeys never leave the turkey pen because turkeys are too scared… they will provide others with excuses such as the food is good and the company is friendly. They are just disillusioned. Eagles eat far better and meet all kinds of interesting creatures on their travels.
There are significant differences in the eagle and turkey in their lifestyle and associations. As we’ve all heard the saying, “Birds of a Feather Flock Together”, people are no different than the average turkey, and have a tendency to settle for and associate with people who make them feel comfortable.
But let’s be honest here – what about those psychopathic or stalker turkeys – are we really within a “comfort zone” around them?
In order to get away from a turkey, someone who will try to peck you to death if given the opportunity, get out of the turkey pen and associate with other eagles.
Proverbs 13:20He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm.
If you want to fly like an eagle, DON’T hang around with turkeys.
This includes hanging on to the notion that the police will help you catch your stalker in the act (someday) or the courts will issue a restraining order to protect you. Likely, they are just turkeys themselves, and one day will (also) be devoured.
Take a leap of faith and soar higher than the turkeys, rather than gobble gobble around the farmyard keeping your head low and pecking at the dirt.
Be an inspiration to others. The sky is the limit, so don’t lose your altitude.
Until next time… keep safe and sane…


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