30 Years of Stalking! The Courts Just Do Not Get It…


If you thought you could trust the justice system to make sound and rational decisions, take a look at this story!
I have been following Gerald Klien (well not stalking him, just his story) for the past few years now. To me, it is clear that no judge in Saskatchewan, Canada has any clue what the toll stalking and harassment has on ones life. Or else there would already be good case law to put these lunatics away where they belong.
One solution: stalk judges and police and see how they like it. We may then see some really good case law around criminal harassment start to develop. We could call it Stalking For Justice Day or something with a catchy ring like that, and everyone could do it and get away with it. Then when the time came for real criminal harassment cases to be heard, the judge would remember exactly how it felt to be followed home from work. All the secret admirer letters dropped on his doorstep would certainly not bring warm fluffy emotions, especially if he or she received a couple hundred on Stalking for Justice Day.
The only messages that the police and judges in these backwater hick-cities continue to send to everyone is, if you want to stalk someone, sure, go ahead! You can get away with it and there is really nothing the justice system will do about it, so by all means carry on and continue tormenting your victims! Have fun! Just do not do anything too criminal because then, shit, we would have a lot of paperwork and evidence to sift through. So keep it really low key and everything is fine with us.
Oh! And to you people who complain about being stalked and harassed, you are certainly free to blow your money on the lawyers and courts to see if the laws in Canada are as good as the paper they are written on. We will take your money, no problem! We could all use another cabin at Regina Beach (not really a beach, but they would not know because most of these lawyers and judges have never left the farm in Saskatchewan). 
The justice system would be happy to take your savings, your home, your sanity and your car too – just to finance a stalking case – because they all know it would only be a game of ping-pong in the courts. 
I really feel for Cathy Kaip. She has tried it all. For 30 years! And the loser still keeps on stalking her.
All because the law in Saskatchewan allows him to. Stalkers have rights too, you know! Read some ridiculous Canadian case law here.
What a travesty and waste of legal degrees. Anyone with morals and a conscience would know what to do about Gerald Klein…

Source: CBC News
March 1, 2011
A Regina man who stalked a woman for more than 30 years should not have been banished from the city and can come back, a judge has ruled.
It is the latest twist in the case of convicted criminal harasser Gerald Klein, who is now allowed to return to Regina as long as he stays out of a large part of it.
“The banishment from the whole of Regina was excessive and unduly harsh,” Queen’s Bench Justice Frank Gerein said in a 21-page written decision this week.
“Accordingly, the appeal as to the condition of banishment is allowed and an alternative is allowed.”
Last August, Klein, 63, was ordered to leave town for 12 months after a hearing before provincial court Judge Dennis Fenwick. At issue was Klein’s decades-long pattern of initiating unwanted contacts with Regina resident Cathy Kaip.
After meeting Kaip at a wedding in 1974, Klein began calling her and sending her cards and letters. He sent flowers and watched her outside her home. Klein also launched several lawsuits against Kaip, all which were summarily dismissed.
A restraining order didn’t work, and in 2003 he was sentenced to three years in prison for criminal harassment.
After getting out of prison, Klein landed in trouble again when police investigated complaints from Kaip’s relatives and others connected to her.
Victim lived with ‘constant fear’
At the hearing last Aug. 9, Fenwick said Kaip had suffered greatly, both physically due to health issues and emotionally. He concluded an overwhelming case had been made for a new order against Klein.
“Her life has been shattered,” Fenwick said. “She has been left with a feeling of helplessness … a feeling of constant fear and endless worrying of what next, and when.”
Klein was ordered to sign an agreement to leave Regina and to follow other conditions.
He moved to Saskatoon but appealed Fenwick’s ruling.
In his decision Monday, Gerein said Fenwick was justified in making an order against Klein but went too far banishing him from the entire city.
Gerein also said Klein should have been permitted to address the court about the order.
Instead of an outright ban, Gerein ordered Klein to stay out of a section of south Regina equivalent to about a third of the city. The ban covers the area south of Dewdney Avenue, east of Lewvan Drive and north and west of the Ring Road.
Gerein said the new ban is reasonable in that it gives Kaip “significant security of movement” while accommodating the basic needs of Klein.
On Tuesday, Klein’s lawyer, Brian Pfefferle, said his client is relieved and plans to return to Regina.
“He is certainly a lot happier to be heading home than to be in a strange city like Saskatoon where he knows no one and has no support and no financial ability to really do anything,” Pfefferle said.
A member of Kaip’s family told CBC that she’s upset about the latest court ruling.
The restriction against Klein comes to an end in the summer. Then Kaip will have to go back to court to get it renewed.
She and her family are lobbying politicians to change the law so she won’t have to go through the process every year.
What do you think – why are these guys still allowed to roam free, and live their lives without any consequences. I would love to know.

Until next time… keep safe and sane…


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