Dark Souls: The Book That Can Change Your Life With a Stalker, Harasser and Abuser


Dark Souls: Healing and Recovering from Toxic Relationships
If you have been looking for the one book that could possibly change your perspective, or add insight into how to deal with a perpetrator or abuser in your life, read Dark Souls: Healing and Recovering from Toxic Relationships.
Sarah Strudwick, an author based out of the UK, personally writes a number of excellent articles and provides victims and survivors with many resources, including posts on her Blog, her Dark Souls website, recovery assistance at Butterfly Effect Healing, as well as providing people with insight at No Ordinary Life. She also creates her own cartoon videos to humour people trying to wrap their head around why stalkers and abusers act how they do on her YouTube Channel.
Sarah wrote Dark Souls, based on her own experiences dealing with a narcissistic sociopath. It is an extremely well-researched guide on identifying stalkers, psychopaths, narcissists and sociopaths, and provides countless ways in which we can deal with them.

After reading Dark Souls, my own belief system shifted on everything I had known about my stalker and ultimately empowered me to make some of my own changes in how I will potentially deal with any further stalking scenarios in the future.

Read a few of her 5-Star reviews on Amazon.com:
Dark Souls is a must-read if you’ve ever been involved with an exploitative personality, and a recommended read even if you haven’t. It examines in great depth who these personalities are, what makes them tick, and why they are so dangerous. Most importantly, it addresses, very effectively, how to avoid these insidious individuals and, if this is too late, how to recover from them. A welcome, important addition to the literature on violating personalities. –Steve Becker, LCSW, CH.T Psychopathy Expert and LoveFraud.com columnist
Dark Souls is, however, far more than the story of her experiences. It also provides powerful step-by-step guidelines for those who are ready to begin dealing with narcissists and particularly to those who want to escape from their clutches, or better still avoid getting caught in the first place. I can recommend it as essential reading and I will certainly be recommending it to my clients here in Australia. –John B Nutting Clinical Counsellor, BA (Psych)
This book is a painstakingly well-researched tour of the netherlands of such relationships with narcissists and psychopaths: the ups and downs, the promise and inevitable disillusionment, the cruelty and mind games and the heartbreak that is the inescapable aftermath. The author’s first-hand experience translates into helpful insight both passioned and, where appropriate, impassioned. It is a useful and liberating guide for the perplexed, the disoriented, the sufferer, and the victim. It should be read and studied by both them and mental health practitioners. –Sam Vaknin, Ph.D., author of Malignant Self-love: Narcissism Revisited

If you would like to purchase the book and invest in a solution to your stalking or abuse issue, just click on the Dark Souls book cover above, or here, and you will be taken directly to Amazon.com.

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