Should You Hire a Lawyer?


Sometimes trying to rely on the legal system to help you, by hiring a lawyer or attorney, becomes a fruitless endeavor.

The fact is, the majority of lawyers are ill-equipped and not experienced in dealing with the crime of stalking or harassment. Many (such as the one in this video) just give general, or worse yet, bad advice. Crown prosecutors have more of a track record in helping victims of crimes seek justice, but even yet, they are not always able to end the harassment.
Police authorities can often be just as incompetent. While they may act like they want to help a stalking or harassment victim, truly they are usually clueless as to any everlasting resolution that will work. Maybe they are just unwilling or lazy. They may have the attitude that there are bigger fish to fry – criminals like burglars, fraudsters and murderers (who, in reality are often stalking before they commit their attention-getting crimes).
Remember, lawyers are in the business of making money off their clients. Rarely are they ever able to help their clients seek, or receive, any justice with a stalker or abuser. It is not often that lawyers or attorneys win their cases in a court, as the majority of legal matters get settled before they reach a courtroom (or withdrawn when they get too expensive to continue). Even if they do win a case, there is most often no financial compensation awarded to the client (which would cover the cost of their legal fees).
Also, it is important to note that the longer a lawyer drags out a case, the more they earn from their client.
Thus a stalking or harassment victim is abused in multiple ways:
One: by the stalker.
Two: by the police who refuse to protect the general interest of the public and deal with the stalker from a criminal justice approach.
Three: by the illusion that their lawyer, the court and the justice system are in place (with so-called laws and terms of punishment in place) and that they will be successful at obtaining justice for victims.
Four: by officials and employees in the countless government agencies created – with the pretense of helping victims – usually turning the majority away, due to qualifying factors or stringent rules.
Plus, to add to the assault, the perpetrator may take advantage of this fact, knowing that by you involving a lawyer, he can then inadvertantly drain your resources and bank account by dragging on legal procedings. Another way to attempt to make you weaker and more vulnerable.
So, if you want to take some advice from a victim who has experienced this abuse by the system firsthand,  stay away from lawyers and courts at all costs (unless you can qualify for free legal assistance – but keep in mind you usually get what you do not pay for).
Instead, use the resources you do have to ensure your safety and create more privacy. Move if you need to and always cover your tracks. A legal battle with a perpetrator or abuser just gives them the further means to continue to keep tabs on you and hook you into their demented game.
Imagine being repeatedly followed and harassed, and then engaged in an endless legal battle with your harasser. Now they can make all sorts of false claims in the court and drag out an already terrible experience. It is very much like a long and repeated rape. Not my idea of a solution to the problem!
Onto the video… notice that this particular lawyer is not very confident in the legal advice he provides. He says to go to the police. But from a legal or civil law perspective, he offers no solution on how to deal with a stalker by hiring a lawyer. So think about how successful you might be if you did hire a lawyer. 
You are best off in this type of situation, if the police refuse to lay criminal charges or investigate the matter, to get as far away as you can from an abuser and keep your whereabouts unknown. That is the only way to get rid of a stalker, legally.
Until next time… keep safe and sane…


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  1. Hi. Thanks for the great article and even greater site! I’ve being stalked for several years and I only found out about it 8 months ago.

    The trust for justice system was what kept me from filing a legal report to the police, too. What would happen to me and my sanity if police wouldn’t do anything about it or they say they would do something about it but all they can offer me is half hearted investigation?

    So how did you solve the problem? Can we share some information? Thank you.

    By the way, I’m not your stalker by any means. I was searching internet for advice and I discovered your website. 🙂

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