Building Bridges With Narcissists


Is it possible to build a bridge with a narcissist and arrive at a win-win scenario?
The answer based on my experience: no.
Here is some insightful information on how it is like when dealing with a narcissist, using the analogy of building a bridge.
You can only build your bridge half way out there. That’s it. You cannot ever ever ever build all the way to the other side. The other person has to meet you somewhere near the middle.
A narcissist never will.
He’ll make you build and build and build, and just as you reach HIS shore, he backs up. And you have to build and build and buildmore.
That’s how it is with a narcissist.
A bottomless pit of self absorption and greed, never satisfied, like there’s an emotional tapeworm in his black hole soul that will NEVER be full.
The more you give, the more he takes. Period. It cannot be any other way.
All a victim can do is no contact, learn to accept the illogical nature of the beast without real closure, and move on, taking care of his/herself.


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