Difficult People

Unconventional Guidance to Conquer Difficult People….
(ie: the ex-partners, the abusers, the bullies, the stalkers, the psychopaths, the sociopaths, the personality disordered, the narcissists, the types of people who wish to make life difficult, unbearable or non-existent for you)

Specific Personalities
Stalker Profiles

Psychology of a Stalker and the Psychopath…

How to Gain The Upper Hand with a Psycho or Stalker…

If You Are Being Stalked…

How to Spot a Sociopath

How to Cope With a Vindictive Narcissist?

Building Bridges With Narcissists

The Serial Bully

Master Manipulators and What Makes Them Tick

Standing Together: Women Speak out about Violence and Abuse

Dark Souls: The Book That Can Change Your Life With a Stalker, Harasser and Abuser

Stalking the Stalker: A Profile of Offenders

A Warning for Victims and Fluffy Bunny Lightworkers

The Mask of Sanity

Getting Your Head Out of the Washing Machine

Why Couples Counseling (or Mediation) in Abusive Relationships Doesn’t Work

Tools & Research
MOSAIC Risk Assessment – Free Online Tools

Use Your Inner Arsenal and Do a Risk Assessment…

Stalking rates higher in Eastern Canada: study

Abusive relationships hurt every Canadian

The Stalker Stabilization Program

American Resources and Links

Canadian Resources and Links

Safety & Privacy
Best Tips for Victims of Stalking, Harassment and Abuse

How to Escape a Dangerous Stalker and Relocate Successfully

Safety and Privacy on Your Lifeboat – Part 1 – SWOT Analysis

Safety and Privacy on Your Lifeboat – Part 2 – SWOT Analysis

Safety and Privacy on Your Lifeboat – Part 3 – The Bug-out-Bag

Safety and Privacy on Your Lifeboat – Part 4 – Preparing the Dock

Safety and Privacy on Your Lifeboat – Part 5 – Going Rogue

Safety and Privacy on Your Lifeboat – Part 6 – Going Rogue

Exposed: Iron Curtains or Sheers – Are You Safe in the Public Eye?

Most Common Mistakes That Stalking Victims Make

What About a Women’s Shelter or Safe House?

The ADT AWARE® Program: Protection for Abused Women

How to Limit the Main Resource of a Pursuer

Are You a Real Beauty? Stalked?

Good Advice vs. Bad Advice for Stalking Victims

GPS Vehicle Tracking: Stalking Made Easy

Cell Phone Stalking – GPS Enabling and Spy Software

Exposed: Iron Curtains or Sheers – Are You Safe in the Public Eye?

IcePics – The iPhone App to Combat Stalking & Harassment

User Names – How to Choose a Private Screen Name

Red Flags: Do You Have an Online Dating Cyber Stalker?

Online child protection guidance falls short

Legal Issues
Think a Restraining or Protection Order May Help?

A Caution in Regards to Restraining Orders

How to Report Stalkers to the Police: The Laws that Stalkers Love to Violate

Helpful Hints for Police: Psychopathic Behavior

For Police: Best Practices in Stalking Investigations

Police Response: Vancouver Rape Relief & Womens Shelter

When Police Dismiss Your Complaints – What You Can Do

How a Crown Prosecutor Operates in Prosecuting a Criminal Case

Court Stalkers: When They Use the Courts to Try to Harass You

How to Deal with a Vexatious Litigant or Legal Bully

Vexatious Litigant – Court of Appeal Upholds Justice for Court-Bullied Victims

How To Effectively Use “Strategic Emails” To Gain Evidence Against an Abuser

How Canadian Courts Deal with Stalkers – Interesting Caselaw

30 Years of Stalking! The Courts Just Do Not Get It…

Should You Hire a Lawyer?

How to Divorce or Separate from a Narcissist, Psychopath, Bully or Stalker

Documents and ID – Before Leaving the Country

Defeating a Hague Convention Application

Get the Records Straight – Part 1

Get the Records Straight – Part 2

Stalking Laws: A Comparison of US and Canada

On the Screen: 50 of the Best Stalker and Psychopath Movies

I am Fishead – The Movie

Stalking: Real Fear, Real Crime

Insight into a Paranoid Stalker Ex

I, Psychopath – The Documentary

Armed? Ready? When Calling 911 Doesn’t Always Work

Bjork Stalker – Ricardo Lopez Video Diary

Stalker Movie: The Resident

Real-Life Stories & Celebrity News
Celebrity Stalkers: The All-Time Worst

How Do You Stop a Stalker From Killing You?

When Known Stalkers Kill, Should Police Pay?

Victim wonders how court order will stop her stalker

Mysterious ‘porn stalker’ detained by police

Tracy’s Law: Alabama State Bill Passed Regarding Stalking

Paula Abdul’s Stalker on American Idol Season 7

Truth be told: Author debuts with strange stalker story

Cyber stalker crackdown ‘thwarted’ by service providers

If Your Stalker Ever Tries to Frame You…

Spurned lover is first person jailed for stalking by blog

Spurned Texas man accused in 2-week assault

Dear Person That I Hurt…

Humor & Videos
Got a Stalker?

How To Get Rid of a Stalker

How to Shake a Stalker

A Rant by a Stalking Victim

Stalker Situation? Join the Circus!

Eric Wheeler: The ‘Autograph Stalker’